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Vacation Rentals Facts vs. Fiction

Read the Facts on Vacation Rentals in Morro Bay and details on the core issues regarding home sharing in Morro Bay.


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Read the New    Regulations

Review and read the  regulations approved by City Council and by the Coastal Commission.


View the Current List of
Licensed Vacation Rentals in Morro Bay

This list contains all licensed vacation rentals in Morro Bay as of August 6, 2020.  If the home is managed by a professional property manager, the company is listed.  If a home is managed by the owner or private party, the contact information is not available.

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Purpose Statement

Share Morro Bay advocates for fair and reasonable short term rental regulations in Morro Bay by providing easy-to-access facts, statistical and historical data, and relevant documents to educate the public on the existing situation in Morro Bay and the vacation rental industry at large.

Why We Created This Website

We are a local property management company that saw a need to provide a platform to educate and inform other short-term vacation rental owners, managers, small business owners, visitors and the local residents about Morro Bay government actions related to short term rentals.  We are deeply concerned that the city is listening to a small group of very vocal people and is headed down the path of basing their regulations on fictional stories of perceived problems that are not real. See 'The Facts' for more details.

Read more on the About page to find out about our business and our efforts to ensure that hosted and non-hosted vacation rentals continue to be a viable option in Morro Bay while respecting the neighborhoods and the residents.

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