Licensed Morro Bay Vacation Rentals

This list contains all licensed vacation rentals in Morro Bay as of August 6, 2020.  If the home is managed by a professional property manager, the company is listed.  If a home is managed by the owner or private party, the contact info is not available.  We will no longer keep this list updated since the city passed an urgency ordinance blocking the issuance of any new VR licenses until the new regulations are implemented.  At that time, the city of Morro Bay has committed to providing the public with this information (how is TBD).  


REMEMBER!  If you are experiencing a disturbance with a home that you do not find on this list, there is a very good chance that it is an illegal vacation rental or a second home where the owner has allowed rowdy friends or family to use it and it is just as important that these disturbances be reported! Do so by contacting law enforcement and reporting it to the Morro Bay Code Enforcement Office. For information on reporting please visit this page.

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