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Reporting Issues with Vacation Rentals in your Neighborhood

How do I report an issue at a Vacation Rental near my home?

Morro Bay currently requires that all licensed vacation rentals display a blue sign in an exterior window facing the street that contains the contact information for the owner, manager or responsible person for that vacation rental.  However, some STRs are not compliant, i.e., do not display the sign, and the print is very small so it requires one to walk right up to the sign to see the contact information.  We suggest that if you do live near a vacation rental, you get this information during a time when the house is not occupied and keep it on hand in case you need to report an issue.

The best course of action if there is an issue with the guests in a vacation rental is to call the contact of record (the # provided on the blue sign) first and give them an opportunity to resolve the issue.  If you do not reach them and the problem continues, call the police (number below). If you have ongoing problems with a particular house, we recommend that you contact the Code Enforcement office for the city of Morro Bay (number below). 

As part of the new vacation rental regulations that are being considered for adoption, the city is trying to find ways to make it easier to know who to contact in these cases by either requiring a sign with the contact info displayed so that it can be read from the street or providing an online list that residents can reference to find the contact number for the home but neither of these have been created at the time we published this website.

How do I know if the home is a licensed Vacation Rental?

We have provided a list of all licensed vacation rentals as of August 6, 2020.  If the home is managed by a professional property manager, the company is listed.  If a home is managed by the owner or private party, the contact info is not available.  

REMEMBER!  If you are experiencing a disturbance with a home that you do not find on this list, there is a very good chance that it is an illegal vacation rental or a second home where the owner has allowed rowdy friends or family to use it and IT IS JUST AS IMPORTANT THAT THESE DISTURBANCES BE REPORTED! Do so by contacting law enforcement and reporting it to the Morro Bay Code Enforcement Office.


Police Department Non-emergency issues:  805-772-6225

Morro Bay Code Enforcement Office:  805-772-2223

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